AVES Second Edition Playing Cards. A top flight deck

Over a year ago, LUX Playing Cards launched and funded their AVES project. The cards “flew” and sold out quite fast so now they decided to make a new reprint with some changes in the Second Edition of AVES.




AVES is inspired by the beauty of the winged animals that have been carefully drawn by the artist Karina Eibatova. The details of the hand-drawn illustrations are magnificent.

For this edition, the back of the cards has been changed back to reveal a collage of feathers that leaves more white space around, something claimed by fans.


Stand Out - AVES


For the tuck case, LUX has created two different versions. The first one, Bicycle branded, replaces the ace of spades for a mirror image of an owl. The second case, the so-called Perspective deck, presents a color change of white/black from one side to the other, depending on the viewing angle.



Both decks will be produced by the USPCC and some stretch goals may add some extras to the cards. There will be at least 2,500 decks from which 1000 will have the Perspective tuck case.

It is the perfect situation to get a really beautiful deck so if you didn’t get it in the past edition or if you just want to complete the collection, visit the project website and raise your pledge.

Happy flying!