3D MECHANIZED deck second edition. Playing cards and art in motion

Two years ago I had the opportunity to speak about a truly original deck, the 3D mechanized deck, the result of mixing talent and desire to do something different made by its creator, the artist Dale Mathis. That campaign was an overwhelming success with almost 150 thousand dollars collected.

3D mechanized deck had its cards inside a really striking tuck case made of a set of parts and gears forming a different and artistic packaging. In addition to the tuck case, the artist created other accessories to display it taking advantage of its mechanical motion ability.




After that successful campaign, two years later, Dale Mathis launches 3D MECHANICAL DECK SECOND EDITION. Staying true to the original idea, the artist has created two new metal mechanisms and four color variations (black / gold, silver / gold, silver and gold / bronze) as impressive as in the original version and in a limited edition (open, 1173, 100 and 25 respectively).



The deck used in this campaign is the same as the one used in the previous, printed by the USPCC, Bee quality, and a standard design excepting the jokers and ace of spades.

A fantastic opportunity to get a master piece made deck, an original piece for any deck or art collections, a three-dimensional and motion design. You can also get different accessories to exhibit and complement the deck such as frames, tins or metal cards.




If you couldn’t get the first one or if you want to complete your collection, please visit the project website and raise your pledge.

Good luck!