3D Mechanized Deck. Dali’s spirit in a metal three-dimensional card box


When the creativity and design on playing cards is day by day improving and changing, we have the opportunity to enjoy really amazing and original projects. This is a perfect example: The Metal and Mechanized 3D Playing Cards.

The creator is the famous and talented artist Dale Mathis. The idea is so original that it is no easy to explain how it works, because this is not just a deck of cards, this is a inspired piece of mechanical art where the universe moves around the metal tuck box designed to contain these cards.



Dale wanted to create a tuck box that would become a nice fine art after a game of cards. These ideas would formulate the innate nature of who he is and what he could do to change a current concept and turn it into something new. So he has designed the whole set of elements to make this magical art.



Industry and Art have been a combination that perfectly fits in Dale’s education and work. This last project is also a perfect example of how this pairing really works. A 3D mechanical tuck box with working gears that has the capability to be placed into the heart of a frame turning it into art, and for safe keeping. An intricate and detailed way to present what was only a simple deck of playing cards. Dale Mathis is set to launch this as his first crowdfunding campaign which has already generated a hum of tweets that have the card playing aficionado giddy for the launch date of the campaign.



The deck will have standard poker  cards excepting the customized jokers and ace of spades and will be printed by the USPCC. Mathis’ stated that he had the idea to create a deck of playing cards that would be an elite set of of playing cards for the player with distinctive taste. The word from the DMSI studios, a subsidiary of Dale Mathis Arts, has promised to produce the cards with Bee Paper a higher grade of playing card paper, if the campaign reaches $75K+. There will also be a certificate of authenticity card with the edition number of each deck.




In addition to the playing cards and different 3D tuck box designs with different materials and colors, a special set of Amber Rix precision dice are available as an add on to the purchase along with a customized Dale Mathis Frame to hold the deck of cards and dice.



I am sure this project will be popular and a new funding record. Have a look to the video demonstration below. You can get more info, pictures and pledge levels in the project’s website.

Good luck!


[vimeo 75791774]