The Gentlemen 52 Bicycle Playing Cards. What a furry deck!


In case anyone does not know yet, I’m bald like a billiard ball… That’s why I feel so excited talking about a deck that pays tribute to the hair… especially leafy hair: The Bicycle Gentlemen 52 deck.

The deck, created by Scott King, shows thirteen splendorous facial hair styles, including beards, mustaches and knobs. While numbered cards show only the styles in neutral faces, the court cards show detailed faces with different hairstyles.



The deck does not discriminate against women and proudly displays, in the queens of each suit, women with dense hair, beards and mustaches. Aces have no faces but only mustaches and joker cards are dedicated to shaving.



This is certainly an original and funny deck, with a very interesting design that will be printed by the USPCC under Bicycle brand and will delight players and collectors. The campaign is completed with some add-ons such as coins, dealer buttons or wooden boxes. But for that, it needs to be financed.



You can find more information and raise your pledge in the project website.

Good Luck!



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