Bicycle Pyromaniac Playing Cards. Pure fire in your hands


This is the seventh deck printed under the Collectable playing cards seal: Bicycle Pyromaniac.


From the beginning of this venture, every deck Mike Guistolise has touched has become a real success. I cannot say this is the nicest deck in the collection because I have more than one favorite, but this is the hottest deck for sure.

It has been designed by the Spanish artist Ana Albares, that also created the Haunted deck. As in her previous work, the deck has been made thinking about magicians and collectors.



She faced with mastery the difficult mission of creating different court cards with the same basic idea (flames) and with the same color. This way, she gave different touches and details to each suit. The pyromaniac in the tuck case, becomes a flame skeleton devil in the jokers that include a magic reveal.



The deck, completely customized, will be printed by USPCC on Bicycle stock and linen finish.

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Good luck!