REINCARNATION Playing Cards. The life after death

Life and death, those two sides of the same coin that have always been present in literature and art, are now presented by Gambler’s Warehouse and masterfully illustrated by the great artist Blackout Brother in the REINCARNATION deck.

The belief in reincarnation is as old as religion itself. Life thus becomes a purifying and learning step in the search for the liberation of the essence of each individual. After death, a new life in another body allows us to be better people. Thus, death is not the end but the beginning of a new stage, and that’s the idea that inspired the artist to make these awesome designs.

Death, considered as past life, is represented by the black suits while life, the promising present, is shown in the red suits.



Despite the complete customization of the faces, the designs preserve the traditional pattern that makes the cards very recognizable.



Two editions have been created for the campaign: CLASSIC and ORIGINAL.



The CLASSIC edition uses a more colorful scheme with traditional colors (red, yellow, blue and black).



The ORIGINAL edition is much more austere, almost monochromatic, with grayish and brown tones that give it an aged look.



Both decks will be printed by the USPCC in a limited edition of 2,500 decks per edition. The tuck case of the ORIGINAL deck will be manufactured in-house by Gamblers Warehouse and will use gold foil.

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