BICYCLE CODEX Playing Cards. The most luxurious mysteries and secrets of the Freemasonry

While finishing the latest production details of their previous Bicycle Premium deck, our Elite Playing Cards friends launch their new BICYCLE CODEX Playing Cards.

For all those Elite fans, recognizing this deck as one of their creations is not difficult at all. However, the detailed observation of the designs is stimulating and original.



Inspired by secret societies, especially in Freemasonry, and designed from the usual elegance, luxury and beauty of their productions, CODEX cards are, however, different from what has been seen so far. In the color scheme of the faces, the usual gold and red join a proper blue color, which also creates a beautiful back combined with the gold.



The indices are also different from those of their previous creations. The illustrationsintricate and enigmatic, are full of symbols and hidden secrets behind each of their strokes.



The deck, part of the Signature Collection, will be printed by the USPCC with the highest quality standards: Q1 paper, Magic finish and gold foil in the tuck case.

Without a doubt, a “must-have” for collectors and luxury players. The campaign is already funded so if you want to get yours, you can visit the project website and raise your pledge.

Good luck!