PRIMO Playing Cards by Edgy Brothers. Classic cards with a MOD touch

Edgy brothers already have their place in the Hall of Fame of card designing. Following successful campaigns in which they have shown not only a superb quality designs but also a fantastic service to their backers and fans, they present a completely new and different deck: PRIMO.




Primo is an important change of style in Edgy Brothers’ work. Leaving their colorful and ornate designs in their previous decks, they have created this one in a more classical style, but completely customized.



With a design that reminds the traditional casino cards, which reinforces its playability, the elegance of Primo relays also in the use of metallic inks and a beautiful tuck case with embossing and metallic red foil.




Printed by Legends Playing Cards Company in a limited edition, a second deck in blue has been created as a stretch goal.



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Good luck!