SHAMANIC JOURNEY playing cards. Spread your wings on a journey into your inner world

Some people consider shamanism as the path to integration with nature and connection with ourselves. To achieve this, one of the techniques used is the shamanic journey, which allows us to connect with our interior in a non-ordinary state of consciousness. Inspired by this idea, SHAMANIC JOURNEY decks arrive.

In these cards, Andy Kurovets (3rd dominion) explores shamanic travels through two different dimensions: the upper world and the under world. These two dimensions are thus represented by two decks, each of one will be produced in two different color combinations: red and blue. As in his previous production, Area 51, the designs of the tuck cases have been carefully elaborated, with a profuse decoration and luxurious finishes with multiple foils and embossing.



For the upper world, located above the earth, a very special case has been created, with wing-shaped moving parts to ascend into new states.



For the underworld, a luxury case with an angle closure has also been created.



In addition to the complexity of the designs and the awesome tucks, and to increase the mystical origin of the decks, special shiny areas will reveal hidden symbols under UV light. Custom seals will close access to the interior of the cases.



The cards have been completely customized with abundant symbols. The aces and jokers are different in both editions, while they share the court cards with characters representing shamans from different traditional cultures performing rites or going into a trance.




The back is symmetrical and shows an abstract composition with shamanic symbols.



The decks will be printed by Noir Arts (NPCC) in a limited edition of up to 2000 decks of each model.

If you want to enjoy this inner adventure, visit the project website and raise your pledge.

Good luck!