GOTHIK Playing Cards. Beautiful hand-painted illustrations come from the deepest darkness

Disturbing and beautiful creatures emerge from the darkness with evil intentions. This nocturnal inspiration has led Ian Daniels, an artist trained and based in the UK, to illustrate a quite interesting deck: GOTHIK.




Ian is a lover of mystery, esoteric symbolism and mythical characters from classic fairy tales. Friend of the more traditional techniques, with extensive experience in book illustration, he has hand-painted each and every one of the images depicted in Gothik.



The cards have been treated as canvases on which the artwork is displayed, without frames or borders. They show the details of each scene, where vampires, black angels and demonic figures share the thin line between life and death with elegance and aesthetic beauty.

The project is widely funded and will be probably printed by MPC in in 300gsm card stock, although Ian is considering other options and qualities.



If you like mystery and original drawings, you can visit the project website and raise your pledge to get this deck and some of the cool add-ons offered, including art prints signed by the artist.

Good luck!