BICYCLE ERFWORLD decks. Characters from the webcomic universe visit the world of playing cards

Both worlds of comic and playing cards join together in the most recent project by Rob Balder: BICYCLE ERFWORLD.

Rob created a fiction universe called Erfworld exactly 10 years ago with the help of talented illustrators like Jamie Noguchi and David Hahn at the beginning, followed by Xin Ye (in 2009) and Lauri Ahonen (last year), both great fans of the history. Rob is not new at all in crowdfunding. He has a long experience and a fantastic group of loyal followers behind him. And it is precisely the followers of this successful story who have shown their unconditional support to the project rising it over the funding goal in a few hours.




Erfworld is a webcomic about a game-like world. The idea behind its success is the search of an answer to the question: “If the pieces of a strategy game board were real people, what would their lives be like?” It is the story out of the creative mind of this awesome team that gives life to the characters and their world.

The traditional deck of cards could be a perfect setting for these real characters, with lives full of intrigue, ambition, love, hatred and, of course, weapons to cause a mortal harm. This fascinating story has been the inspiration for creating a deck of cards illustrated by Xin in the most pure Erfworld style.




The cards are completely customized with characters from the Erfworld universe on court cards and special suits and indexes on numbered cards. A main goal of the project is to create a customizable board game and a set of collectible virtual 3D figures designed by Lauri. In the pursuit of this goal, you can see (and shuffle) a preview of the cards on this page.

As expected, because of their international prestige, the USPCC will be in charge of printing this Bicycle branded deck. In fact, there will be three editions with the same designs but different colors (black, red and blue) in a beautiful back with a cool intricate design. The tuck cases will also have embossing and gold foil to look amazing.





The campaign promises an even better success so the universe of Erfworld will make many more fans and friends. If you want to be part of it and support the growth of this interesting platform, visit the project website and raise your pledge.

Good luck!