Whispering Imps Gamesters Edition Deck. How to be a ruthless player… but elegant


Since Chris Chelko launched his Whispering Imps projects last year, his deck has become one of the most popular and desired by magicians, players and collectors. He has even released up to five different editions of the famous deck.

Partnered again  with the illustrator Mark Stutzman, he launches a new deck with a new design: Whispering Imps Gamesters Edition.

This deck has been created with the elegant style of the original decks but thinking of players and inspired in tradition, like the card back that takes the designing idea from very well-known casino card backs such as Jerry’s Nugget’s or Wynn’s or the Ace of Spades that is inspired by old New York Consolidated Card Co. ace designs.

The indices are small and strategically situated to help players to easily identify the cards and other elements like the jokers have been also drawn with awesome illustrations.

There will be two editions in red and black backs and this time Chris has moved to the EPCC to print the decks as he trusts in them to catch every small detail in the intricate artwork for the tuck box and cards, including the thin borders in the card back.

If you want to get these decks, visit the project website and raise your pledge.

Good luck!