Bicycle Grid 2.0 Red Edition Deck. The ultraviolet ink, this time a bit more red


Perhaps you remember the The Grid decks, as they were very popular and I talked about both when released. One of the most interesting features of the Grid 2.0 deck allowed it to show hidden designs thanks to the UV ink used in the cards and visible only under black light.



Now, Gambler’s Warehouse produces a nice variation of the original deck: GRID 2.0 Red Edition. The deck will be printed by USPCC with awesome features like in the original:

  • UV (Black light) Ink with hidden designs
  • Bicycle branding
  • BEE Premium Casino paper stock
  • Custom white USPCC seal
  • Magic finish
  • gaff cards
  • Custom face, courts and jokers
  • Multiple hidden UV reveals
  • QR code reveal
  •  Barcode reveal

If you enjoyed the original edition or if you are a newcomer, you can get this deck available in preorder through Gambler’s Warehouse online shop.

Do not hesitate, you won’t regret.