Bicycle Grid 2.0 deck with ultraviolet ink. Amazing!


4PM Designs, creators of The Grid and Mythos: Necronomicon, Bicycle deck, lanch their last “invention”: the Bicycle Grid 2.0 deck.

This fantastic fully customized deck will be printed by USPCC and will have these awesome features:

  • UV (Black light) Ink with hidden designs
  • Bicycle branding
  • BEE Premium Casino paper stock
  • Custom white USPCC seal
  • Magic finish
  • 2 gaff cards
  • Custom face, courts and jokers
  • Multiple hidden UV reveals
  • QR code reveal
  •  Barcode reveal


This original design based on UV ink will give this deck something unique that will be appreciated by collectors, magicians and manipulators. Imagine also a dark poker night under UV light. So cool!

Congratulations for the idea and good luck with the campaign. If you want it, go for it and pledge.