OLYMPUS Playing Cards. Greek Mithology with a cartoon twist

Mythology has been an endless source of inspiration for creators of traditional and contemporary cards. A wide variety of designs have been proposed depicting all mythologies of all cultures. Among them, one of the most popular is the Greek one, and this is the inspiration of the new OLYMPUS deck.




This deck has been one of those with an undeserved bad luck. This is the third time its creator, Tom Anderle, a math teacher and graphic designer, tries to fund it. The previous attempts have helped him to improve the deck and make some slight changes to make it nicer remaining true to its original essence.




The cards have a clean design, but with many details, with traditional numbered cards and customized court cards showing the Greek gods and goddesses with a different and more fun twist. White borders and backgrounds that will appeal to magicians and a color scheme that has evolved to an elegant version in gold and black.



The deck will be printed by the LPCC, that already is part of the Olympus of the the vanguard printing companies.

Do not hesitate to support this creator to finally see this deck printed visiting the project website.

Good luck!