STEAMPUNK Playing Cards. A story of dark and mechanical fantasy

Gary Ljamin (Gamble Art) always offers us decks with suggestive designs. He just launched his latest campaign: STEAMPUNK.

This deck is inspired by Steampunk, an artistic genre (literary in origin) that combines elements of the past with a futuristic imagination, creating a unique visual and aesthetic universe.



The characters of the court cards and the aces form a particular context that tells the story of a young inventor, fascinated by mechanics, who finds himself transported to a disturbing but dazzling future, full of strange characters and creatures, as terrifying as they are fascinating.



The back of it is very beautiful, with magnificent metallic finishes in a shiny and symmetrical structure.



The atmosphere created by these illustrations, the result of an experiment in which hand drawing techniques are combined with graphics generated with Artificial Intelligence, is fantastic, full of details to entertain yourself with.




The deck will be printed in China and, although he does not mention the printer, the creator assures that the quality of the cards will be similar to that of the USPCC.

If you like it, do not hesitate to visit the project website and make your contribution to make it real.

Good luck!