30 September

DUEL Playing Cards. The first deck of the Artists Series by Vanda Cards

After the popular Vanda series and other decks like Polaris, Mustache and Bacon created by David Goldklang, Vanda Cards company has been working over a year in the Artists Series to produce decks in collaboration with different talented creators. The first one is DUEL.

Designed by Joelle Wall, London artist with a large number of awards and a recognizable personal style, DUEL is inspired by Harlequin character and presents a fun and minimalist design that does not go unnoticed.




Two decks have been designed, with blue and red backs, but only the red one is offered in the campaign. The blue one will be unlocked as a stretch goal. Printing will be made by the USPCC in a limited print-run of 2,500 decks.




The deck is having a really good funding progress so if you like it, do not hesitate to visit the project website and raise your pledge.

Good luck!




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