The latest THREE releases by Collectable Playing Cards. More decks to choose

Collectable Playing Cards is already one of the most prolific producers of playing cards at this moment. Their projects are simple and straightforward: assorted designs, Bicycle branded in most cases, partial funding system in Kickstarter, their own shipping service and a flexible distribution policy.

This efficient work philosophy makes CPC a creator present in crowdfunding all the time. So much so, they that have in this moment three different projects in Kickstarter.

All the decks will be Bicycle branded, printed by USPCC and distributed between August and September this year.





With a few hours left to the end, the project is widely funded. Bicycle Starlight Lunar is the fourth edition of this series of decks inspired by the cosmos and its beauty.

This time, the earthly satellite is the “guest star” of the deck, which again features a combination of bright colors among which the lunar white stands up.

If you already have the previous or just like the deck, visit the project website and raise your pledge before it finishes.




Following the traditional style but with custom colors and designs, Red Castle is inspired by the world of medieval knights.

It uses a combination of colors where red and gold highlight among the other, giving the cards a more distinguished look. A nice geometric background, like a tapestry, decorates all the card faces.

A different deck that keeps the playability thanks to its standard indexes and general look. If you like it, visit the project website and raise your pledge.





After a first attempt that finished unfunded, this deck is back with a new and more elaborate design in the tuck case and the back.

The royal family in these cards evoke the times when overeating was a symptom of luxury and power. They are comic characters and some of them strive to lose some weight by eating vegetables and fruits. Everything in the deck is curved, from the body shapes to the ornaments that enrich the back and fully customized suits.

A funny deck that combines comedy and elegance with an interesting result. If you like it, don’t eat it, just visit the project website and raise your pledge.


Good luck!


By the way. CPC will surprise us QUITE SOON with a completely new release. You can’t miss it!