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11 May

The latest THREE releases by Collectable Playing Cards. More decks to choose

Collectable Playing Cards is already one of the most prolific producers of playing cards at this moment. Their projects are simple and straightforward: assorted designs, Bicycle branded in most cases, partial funding system in Kickstarter, their own shipping service and a flexible distribution policy. This efficient work philosophy makes CPC a creator present in crowdfunding all the time. So much so, they that have in this moment three different projects in Kickstarter. All the decks will be Bicycle branded, printed by…

10 March

BICYCLE GLUTTONY Playing Cards. A deck with many curves

Fruit, vegetables, meat, fidh… Eat everything and moderately, that is the secret of good nutrition and good health. That’s exactly the contrary practiced by the characters from the new deck by Collectable Playing Cards: BICYCLE GLUTTONY.     The royal family in these cards evoke the times when overeating was a symptom of luxury and power. They are comic characters and some of them strive to lose some weight by eating vegetables and fruits. Everything in the deck is curved, from the body shapes…

21 September

VIVA MEXICO! The tribute to Mexican color, culture and cuisine

Mexican culture is known worldwide for its color, its joy and especially for its cuisine. A new deck pays tribute to this ancient culture that combines tradition and food, history and music: ¡VIVA MÉXICO!     Designed by Adrian Valenzuela and produced by Jay Losa, this deck is a real fiesta with many illustrious guests. While avocados, nopales, totopos and tomatoes decorate the suit in the numbered cards, characters like Zapata, the Santa Muerte or El Mariachi are depicted in…

15 March

Delicious Playing Cards. The deck that will transform your taste

  If you are a fan of playing cards and a follower of Max Playing Cards, it is almost impossible you don’t know Emmanuel Jose. He is an artist who has designed three decks using an amazing technique of paper-cutting and a huge dose of talent. After Curator, Clipped Wings and Sawdust, Emmanuel presents his fourth creation: DELICIOUS.     As he did in his previous decks, each week of 2014 Emmanuel created a different card that took part of…