Delicious Playing Cards. The deck that will transform your taste


If you are a fan of playing cards and a follower of Max Playing Cards, it is almost impossible you don’t know Emmanuel Jose. He is an artist who has designed three decks using an amazing technique of paper-cutting and a huge dose of talent.

After Curator, Clipped Wings and Sawdust, Emmanuel presents his fourth creation: DELICIOUS.



As he did in his previous decks, each week of 2014 Emmanuel created a different card that took part of this enjoyable transformation deck inspired by the world of cooking and food.



Each card is a visual spectacle and if in the previous work the court cards in each suit formed a scene, this original element appears again in Delicious by joining two different suits (diamonds and clubs) forming a scene inspired by the artwork “The last Supper” by Giampietrino (a copy in turn from Leonardo da Vinci’s one). One of the jokers is also inspired by a poster of Pasta Banoni of 1921.



Like the previous ones, this deck will be printed by the USPCC. If you enjoyed the previous, you can’t miss Delicious. Visit the project website and raise your pledge.

Bon Appetite!