BONE AND EBON Playing Cards. Demons from hidden worlds with touches of gold and silver

Noah Whippie is an artist, a graphic designer and an amateur card magician. In 2012 he designed for Diavoli a semi-customized Bicycle deck: Coffin Fodder. Now, his designs have been chosen by Noir Arts to become a new and interesting playing cards project: BONE AND EBON.




Bone and Ebon features original artwork with a Gothic inspiration on the occult. Disturbing designs with characters from dark worlds and illustrations full of demonic symbology are shown in these cards. Bone is an ivory colored deck, with details in gold metallic ink, while Ebon is ash gray, with details in silver metallic ink.



The project has already been a cool success, with almost all stretch goals unlocked, so the backers will enjoy all possible extras in the tuck case including a custom shaped seal, gold and silver foil, inner printing and embossing. Next goal that will be (for sure) achieved will add some extra cards in each deck.




With these playing cards, NPCC goes one step further towards their high quality and design job, with renowned artists and with materials and finishes that improve day by day.

If you like what you see, please visit the project website and raise your pledge.

Good luck!