BICYCLE DOUBLE BLACK Playing Cards. The second edition of Gambler’s classic

More than three years ago, with two decades of experience in the playing cards market, Gambler’s Warehouse burst into the crowdfunding scene with a deck created by one of their most talented artists. Keeping the original enthusiasm of the first campaign, they have created a new and completely redesigned edition: BICYCLE DOUBLE BLACK 2nd Edition.

Designed by Blackout Brother, this deck represents in some way the evolution of GWH in the playing cards scenario and their effort to satisfy their customers. This way, the cards also have evolved with more elaborate illustrations, preserving the essence of the traditional playing cards but with a greater aesthetic force. The elegance of the custom designs in white on black backgrounds is enhanced with the red accents of diamonds and hearts.



As they already did in the original campaign, two different editions have been created: the Bicycle branded one and the unbranded. Both decks, with the same faces and different backs, will be printed by the USPCC with all the embellishment extras in the tuck cases including foiling, embossing, inner printing and custom seals.



Furthermore, they have recently unlocked a third edition: the waterproof deck. Made of 100% plastic in Taiwan, the decks will be also luxurious with spot varnish and will withstand the most extreme situations.



Funded and just a couple days left before the end of the campaign so, if you already don’t have it, visit the project website and raise your pledge.

Good luck!