LITTLE ATLANTIS Playing Cards. The smallest of the remote underwater worlds

A small and colorful marine world just appeared by the hand of LITTLE ATLANTIS Playing Cards.

With an inspiration on a remote underwater kingdom and colorful illustrations with children’s cartoon style made by Devina (Yellow Dice Studio), the deck pips have become funny shoals swimming in formation through the cards. Each suit represents a family of marine creatures with their own character (wisdom, power, love and justice) and a different color. All the elements in the cards have been customized creating a very interesting set.

Two different editions will be printed: Day and Night, with the same design but different color scheme on white and black backgrounds respectively.






Furthermore, each deck will be made by a different printer. Day Edition will be printed by the USPCC and Bicycle branded while Night Edition will be printed by Liberty Playing Cards in Taiwan with an interesting embossed finish in the cards. Both tuck cases will also include some extras like inner printing or a custom seal.




The campaign is already funded so if you like them, just choose your reward and raise your pledge int the project website.

Good luck!