EPHEMERID PRECIOUS METAL Playing cards. Letterpress technique at the service of creative beauty

A year ago, an exceptional person (both from a human and creative point of view) appeared on the card design scene. Although it was the very first playing cards project for  Fabien Barral (Mr. Cup), his experience in the field of design and crowdfunding was huge so the success of Ephemerid Playing Cards was epic with more than 1100 sponsors. Now, after fulfilling his first campaign, he has launched a new one: EPHEMERID PRECIOUS METAL.

This campaign takes advantage of all the great qualities of the original deck: the tuck cases made using letterpress and  a collage technique where the traditional symbology (suits, indexes, numbers, …) is combined with real collection objects in a very careful and quite original aesthetic.

The campaign offers three different editions to represent three precious metals: Gold, Silver and Copper. Each deck will have a different color combination in tuck case and cards (faces and backs).



Furthermore, due to the overwhelming success, an exclusive fourth deck has been unlocked: Silver on White. This deck will be offered only during the campaign and not available later in wholesaling.



As in the previous campaign, Fabien wanted to transfer a part of his personality to the cards and thus, due to his dyslexia, he decided to make four different color combinations to distinguish between both red and black suits easier. In addition, being ambidextrous, the indexes are in the four corners facilitating the game for left-handed and right-handed people. Each card also shows an inspiring quote for a daily reflection.



Once again, the artist proposes an active participation of the backers in the creation process and they can even write their name in any of the court cards in certain pledge levels.



The tuck cases will be printed in France with the letterpress technique and using hot foil. The cards will be printed by NPCC.



In addition to the decks, other items have been created (and others will be unlocked) such as coins, dice, coasters, cases, collection cases, pouches and T-shirts.

Without a doubt, an amazing campaign that you cannot miss. Visit the project website and raise your pledge.

Good luck!