31 December

Bicycle 8-bit deck, with nostalgic flavor of the old video games. FOUR different decks to be released



Nostalgic lovers of classic 8-bit video games are in luck. The new Bicycle 8-bit deck pays tribute to the aesthetics of legendary arcade games with pixelated images and full of (just a few) colors.




The deck has been already funded on Kickstarter so it will become real in a few months. The campaign is still open to raise pledges and get card decks and other collectibles objects including poker chips.

After the succesful funding, the creators are going to release three more limited decks: gold, black and platinum.


Designed by Michael Scott and Cobey Pile, it will be printed by the USPCC on Bicycle stock and air cushion finish.

Waiting to have these cards in my hands and return to my tender youth.


About the Author

I'm Max, a collector and passionate about playing cards. Since 2012 I try to spread this passion to everyone who goes through Max Playing Cards. In my articles I do not just talk about cards, as I try to look for the stories and the human beings behind them.

I would like to complete my collection of Bicycle decks some day, but now I know that is impossible ...