Naipes Cofrades Playing Cards. Imagery of Sevillian fervor in a poker deck


Spain is a country with deep-rooted traditions. There are many internationally well-known feasts that take place in our country and many of them have become a worldwide cultural and touristic reference. One of the most important is the Holy Week and one of the most popular is the Holy Week of Seville.

And it is precisely the Holy Week of Seville which has inspired the creation of Naipes Cofrades, a collection of many of the imagery that goes over the streets of Seville during Easter facing several thousands of people’s fervor.

Naipes Cofrades shows in a set of 54 poker cards, a selection of Holy images grouped in each of the four suits representing Virgins of Sorrows (hearts), Crucified (diamonds), Mysteries (clubs) and Details (clubs).



Maria, Eduardo and Roberto are three young entrepreneurs friends who have developed the idea, which is not limited only to this deck, but involves a more ambitious project that aims to expand with more future editions that may include the Spanish version of the deck (with cups, golds, spades and clubs) and other proposals to represent the Holy Week celebration in other parts of Andalusia and Spain.

Printed by Carta Mundi, the deck is on sale in bookstores and online shops. If you want to get one (or more), you can contact the creators in their Facebook page where you can also find more information, interviews, press releases and all the news about these cards.