BICYCLE BIONIC Playing Cards. The struggle for technological freedom

After their success with Hybrid, Elite Playing Cards strikes back with a futuristic deck: BICYCLE BIONIC.

In this case the inspiration comes from a world ruled by machines and artificial intelligence in which a rebel group emerges to fight against technological advance. In the midst of chaos, the Bionic emerge as an Elite group against the technophobes in search of a technological freedom.



Bicycle Bionic is the second one of a futuristic series of three decks, with metallic elements that plays with dimensions and symbology. Dark backgrounds make the intense blues and reds much brighter.

Although it uses the suits and indexes of a traditional deck, the artwork customization of the deck will be especially striking for cardists and, of course, for collectors.




Like in previous campaigns, two editions will been created, both printed by the USPCC using the Q1 casino quality (the highest of the market).

The Standard Edition will have a print run of 5000 decks and will use Bicycle paper with a magic coating.




The Platinum Edition will have a limited print run of 750 decks. The edges will have platinum gilding and it will be autographed and numbered in the seal.




A new creation by Elite Playing Cards you cannot miss. If you like it,  visit the project website and raise your pledge.

Good luck!