MODERN AIRCRAFT Playing Cards. The powerful flying machines take off again!

A few weeks ago I was talking about the second military-themed deck by Buyworthy, one of the most important companies dedicated to the playing cards online business in Australia. After trying to print the deck, they decided to completely change the direction of the project and relaunch it as MODERN AIRCRAFT.

In the quest to satisfy the taste of their backers, Buyworthy have got rid of the Bicycle brand and the large minimum print run by the USPCC so have decided to print a more limited edition with NPCC. This way, quality standards are maintained with a more affordable funding goal.



There are no substantial changes in the design of the new proposal. The deck shows images of modern airplanes grouped by countries. Whereas the court cards and aces depict aircraft that belong to the four main powers in this matter (United States, China, Russia and India), the numbered cards represent a total of 36 countries more (one for each card). Number of units in the country or their destructive power have been taken into account to select them.



The back shows one of the most historic and popular fighter jets, the F-16, still in use around the world.



The past and future of fighter aircraft is represented in the jokers.



Born from the passion for combat aircraft, there is a conscientious research and information gathering behind this deck that will delight fans of military aeronautics. You can also download a document with details about the cards and the guidelines to choose the different countries and planes.

In addition, only through he project, you can get a collector’s booklet to go deeper in the knowledge about these impressive flying machines.



The deck will be printed by NPCC in Europe in a limited 500 print run and distributed around the globe by Gambler’s Warehouse from the USA. If you like it, you can get it in the project website.

Good luck!