Viridian Playing Cards. The new creation by the not so new Trikard Projects group


The first time the Indonesian artist Adey Suryana and the team behind the friend website Kardify worked together, they produced Aquila, two nice decks that were a great success. Now, under the new seal TriKard Projects, they have launched their new creation: VIRIDIAN.



Viridian is one of those creations inspired by traditional cards, with intricate and beautiful designs which blend the delicate lines with organic inspiration in the back and the beautiful simplicity of clean pips with a vintage taste.



The court cards have also been redesigned to give this deck of its own personality without losing the atmosphere of the classic and the modern in an interesting combination.



For its elegant but functional design, Viridian is conceived like a versatile deck to be used by magicians, manipulators and players.

Printed by LPCC, the project plans to unlock as stretch goal a second edition, Carmine, with a beautiful red box and a colorful design.



You can’t miss it. Visit the project website and raise your pledge.

Good luck!