ECLIPSE COMIC Playing Cards. The reproduction of the first transformation deck printed in the USA

Continuing with the reproductions of old decks that have already made him very popular, Will Roya ( has just launched a new one: ECLIPSE COMIC.

Originally printed in 1876 by F. H. Lowere, it is considered the first transformation deck printed in the United States and the first, of this type of deck, to include a joker. This reproduction will include two jokers to better fit to modern playing cards use.



Although high-resolution images provided by the University of Columbia from the Albert Field playing card collection have been used, it is not easy to find references, images or information about it, just some sporadic auctions, so it is fantastic that Will has decided create this reproduction. The designs have been recreated digitally from the scratch by Azured Ox.

Like in the previous reproductions, two editions have been created with a color change, blue and red, on the back and the tuck case.



The card back is elaborate with that retro look of the classic decks while the faces have no indexes.



The illustrations in the court cards show humorous and satirical scenes which probably refer to characters from the nobility and politics of the time. Extra design elements show obvious signs of social criticism.



Like in all transformation decks, numbered cards show the pips integrated into the designs creating a fun and comical composition.



The tuck case, a replica of the original one, will include a custom tax stamp seal.



Both editions will be printed by MPC in China, using their Casino quality paper in a print run of 500 decks per color, one of the most limited runs created so far in these reproduction series.

The campaign also offers last decks of the promotional prototype printed in 2019.



If you want them, visit the project website and raise your pledge.

Good luck!