Artist Deck 2 cards. The best way to enjoy a good English tea

One of the most relevant aspects in a custom deck of cards is the story behind it. However, there are times that cards become canvases in which the common thread is not the story but the art itself. This is the case of the work by Carne Griffiths, a renowned British artist who two years ago offered us the Artist deck, an original proposal with an interesting technique with calligraphic inks, graphite and liquids (such as tea and alcohol). After the success of the first deck, a second edition has been released: ARTIST DECK 2.

Carne has made a selection of a new set of 52 illustrations in which technique and talent produce captivating portraits that combine the abstract and the figurative in compositions full of strength. Each card in this deck is itself a work of art from different inspirations and moments of the artist’s career.



As he did in his previous campaign, the jokers (this time 4 instead of 2) will be very special since they will show portraits of lucky backers in the project.



The deck will be printed by the USPCC in a limited print run. In addition to the standard edition, a gilded collectors edition will be made in a special tuck case with foil, embossing and foil numbered seal. This deck will be an excellent piece in the collection of any fan.

You can enjoy the complete set of illustrations on the project website and take advantage of the early birds to raise your pledge.

Good luck!