Artist Playing Cards. Let’s drink some tea or, better, let’s enjoy it in these amazing portraits

Carne Griffiths is a renowned artist based in UK who worked for years in the embroidery design. He decided, in 2010, to follow his dream and dedicate himself to his great passion: painting and drawing. That decision has led him to the success with exhibitions in galleries around the world. He uses an interesting technique with calligraphic inks, graphite and liquids (such as tea and alcohol). This technique and his talent produce captivating portraits that combine the abstract and the figurative in compositions full of strength. His fondness for collecting cards from his travels inspired the artist to select a set of these portraits and choose a deck of cards as the perfect canvas to show them to the world: ARTIST PLAYING CARDS.

Each card in this deck is itself a work of art. Each and every one of them contains an original portrait of a fantastic aesthetic beauty. The jokers will be very special as they will depict the portraits of two lucky backers.



Given the success of the project, Carne has decided to use the USPCC to make the deck in a limited and numbered print run. The beauty of the cards thus joins the best quality which makes it even more interesting.



With an art like this, the only thing that can be done is to contemplate and enjoy the illustrations.

If you want to get this fantastic deck, visit the project website and raise your pledge

Good luck!