ACE TREASURE PIRATES Playing Cards. A deck with wooden leg and eyepatch

His talent, generosity and ability to overcome difficulties has made  Justin Hussain (Ace Collectable Cards) a good friend and one of the favorite artists of Max Playing Cards. His creative thirst is tireless and constantly evolves. All his decks show fantastic illustrations that tell their own stories. Now he brings us his latest creation: ACE TREASURE PIRATES.



All the elements of an authentic pirate novel are mixed with the beautiful playing cards inspiration to achieve a perfect combination. Each and every one of the elements of the traditional designs is customized and the court cards are vibrant, full of life and personality. The traditional frames have been replaced by beautiful ornamentations and the aces are simply stunning.



Like in the previous decks, a few lucky backers can be immortalized in a joker or in a pirate portrait. Justin told me that one of them was getting married and he decided to depict both him and his wife in the same card using the joker of hearts to celebrate their love bond. Don’t you think a lovely detail?



In addition to the standard edition of 1800 decks, a limited print run of 600 decks will be printed. This limited deck will use clear backgrounds, a new back and other jokers. Furthermore, as stretch goals, some extras will be added in tuck cases such as embossing or foiling. A special gaff card will be included in both decks.



Another masterpiece by Justin Hussain that will be printed by NPCC.

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Good luck!