TESTAMENT CLASSIC Playing Cards. A Biblical-inspired deck

In addition to its obvious religious significance, The Bible is an exciting tale, translated into several thousand languages, of which millions of copies have been made throughout history. Its characters have become immortal thanks to the pictorial and sculptural works of art by countless renowned artists. Ben Green pays tribute to this huge source of inspiration with his TESTAMENT CLASSIC deck.

This is not actually the first edition of the deck. From its initial conception, two editions of the deck were created. The ART edition, printed by WJPCC, was successfully funded and produced in late 2019. In this completely sold out edition, the court cards featured extremely neatly illustrated scenes combining manual and digital techniques.

This CLASSIC edition presents a different graphic concept in a traditional symmetry format that brings the deck closer to the common playability idea. For production, Ben has teamed up with Will Roya (PlayingCardsDecks.com) which will ensure a smooth production and distribution process.

The court cards group biblical characters into each suit. While spades, clubs and diamonds are more focused on the Old Testament, the hearts court is represented by the Holy Family, with Jesus Christ being the king of hearts.



Aces are oversized and feature detailed illustrations.



The eternal duality of good and evil is represented in the jokers while the back contains a profuse Christian symbolism in an elaborate symmetrical composition.



The tuck case will be similar to the original edition with a simpler design.



The deck will be printed by the USPCC in a limited run of 2,500 units.

In addition, in the original campaign, several hundred ART decks were printed without the extras (gilding, foiled and inner printed cases and numbered seals). These decks are also offered in this campaign under the name of ART 2 (to distinguish it from the original).



If you want them, visit the project website and raise your pledge.

Good luck!