Grotesque Playing Cards. When the ugly becomes beauty. Exclusive Video


United Cardists is one of the most stunning communities about playing cards. As the strongest groups in the world, it has passed through many difficulties in the past, including a recent (and needed) change of ownership where Mike Ratledge has assumed command the forum with good vibes. Now, thanks to that new direction, UC comes back to be even stronger. It has two very important things to succeed. The first one is a fantastic group of people in love for cards with good feelings, endless knowledge and of course, good ideas. And the second one is precisely the result of one of those ideas: having an annual deck edition. Thanks to the talent of one of the UC members, Lotrek (Half Moon Playing Cards), creator of the Venexiana cards and only better person than artist, the idea has become a true deck: Grotesque.



Inspired by all the decorative art along the history dedicated to the strange and fantastic, Lotrek has designed a beautiful set of cards that represents his own vision of the Grotesque art. The weird and the ugly become nice and elegant in a completely customized deck where cards remind disturbing sculptures of the ancient art.



There will be two decks in the campaign with two different backs. The original edition (in sepia and off white) and the limited edition (dark chocolate brown and light grey).



Although both decks will be limited in terms of production (they will be printed just once), the limited edition will be available only during the campaign so it will be therefore limited to the number of decks pledged for. When the campaign is finished we will know how many decks will be printed.



Max Playing Cards is proud to show you the very first and exclusive video of the creation steps for the Jack of Spades. I sincerely hope you enjoy it as much as I have done.


[vimeo 88050170]


Furthermore, Lotrek offered to his backers the opportunity to get something really exclusive: a signature edition of Grotesque, an extremely limited and numbered edition with a hand made (by the own Lotrek) tuck case of a very elegant colored stock, stamped with foil in two color variations: gold and/or platinum. He offered signature decks to 40 lucky backers and they sold out in 15 minutes. 20 more backers will have another chance at the end of the campaign.

If you don’t want to miss this deck, go to the project website and raise your pledge. The deck is already funded so it will be printed as expected.

Good luck!