ANIMAL INSTINCTS Playing Cards. An Inner and Wildly Creative Journey

Today, I bring you what will undoubtedly be the standout campaign of 2023, and don’t think for a moment that my enthusiasm is influenced by the fact that it’s a new production by Max Playing Cards 😉. Get ready to embark on a captivating journey where the beauty and charm of the animal kingdom intertwine with timeless tales of the human experience: ANIMAL INSTINCTS.

ANIMAL INSTINCTS is the result of a symbiosis between the beautiful illustrations crafted by the expert hands of Darrin White and Kodi White, renowned tattoo artists, and a new production by two good friends, David Bollt (Minds Eye) y Max (Max Playing Cards), who have previously collaborated on successful projects like Professor Tate’s Traveling Road Show or Ethereal Dreams. These decks are more than simple playing cards; they are a unique fusion of art and storytelling that promises to captivate your imagination.



This production is a true amalgamation of art and human history, drawing inspiration from the eras of the Renaissance and the Middle Ages to infuse the animal kingdom with the essence of human emotions and psychology. With each card, you’ll encounter a unique character illustration, from the regal eagle king to the solitary toad prisoner, each portraying a distinctive aspect of the human experience. This isn’t your typical deck with dull numbered cards; it’s an entirely original set of cards featuring 54 illustrations that invite you to explore a world filled with colorful and charismatic characters.



The deck comes in two carefully crafted editions. The Wizard Edition showcases Sabrina the Witch on the cover of the tuck box, with an enigmatic bird inspired by Leonardo Da Vinci’s immortal Mona Lisa on the back. On the other hand, the Minstrel Edition features an ornate box adorned with a bright and mischievous musician playing his lute, while the back frames a powerful lion in repose on his throne.

To cater to the most discerning tastes, each of these editions is offered in two different versions: the Limited decks, featuring high-quality cardstock with a linen finish on the cards and an interior-decorated tuck box, and the Gold/Silver decks, boasting foiled and embossed accents on the tuck boxes and gold (Wizard) and silver (Minstrel) gilding on the cards.



But Animal Instincts isn’t just conceived as a deck for endless poker nights or family games. It was necessary to highlight the most spiritual dimension of these special cards and, therefore, each deck transforms into a highly intuitive Oracle that awakens a connection to the animal realm and human psychology. This special set is designed for those with romantic and intuitive souls seeking a unique tool for introspection and personal guidance. Every card in the deck features unique illustrations representing archetypes and themes of human life, allowing you to explore a variety of perspectives and messages on your journey. To enhance this experience, an elegant set is available, including the Wizard Edition with a comprehensive guidebook housed in a custom-designed and lavishly decorated magnetic box, providing a beautiful sense of harmony. The front of the box features the apprentice wizard holding a powerful crystal, while the back showcases a wise owl depicted as a gifted alchemist. Together, these magical characters symbolize the transformative power of the unexplored oracle world.



This Oracle Set is also offered in two versions, Limited and Gold. The first includes the limited version of the deck with the carefully bound and illustrated guidebook, while the latter elevates the beauty and luxury even further with the Wizard Gold deck and an enhanced version of the guidebook featuring metallic printing and golden edges.



This campaign presents itself as a breath of fresh air in the realm of playing cards, satisfying the tastes of collectors, gamers, magicians, explorers, the curious, and anyone looking to immerse themselves in a world where art and storytelling harmonize. With every shuffle, you’ll discover new characters, stories, and emotions.

The project has been funded in two hours! Don’t miss the opportunity to be a part of this extraordinary campaign. Visit the project website and raise your pledge.

Good luck!