Nobel Prize Playing Cards: Chemistry Edition. The wonderful minds behind the great discoveries for humanity

When Alfred Nobel, a Swedish engineer and inventor well known for his contributions to the arms industry, read his own obituary published by mistake after the death of his brother, he felt such remorse that decided to invest his posthumous fortune in creating a series of awards that served of recognition to those whose investigations could be of benefit to humanity. Thus, in 1901 the first prizes in the categories of Physics, Chemistry, Physiology or Medicine, Literature and Peace were born. In 1968, the Economics prize was added. Inspired by these awards, it has just been launched the NOBEL PRIZE series Playing Cards.

In this first edition, the 180 men and 6 women who have won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry throughout history are reviewed. A custom poker deck in which each of the cards, except for the aces and jokers, shows a portrait along with their name and the year of the prize.



This large number of awarded characters will be distributed in a total of 4 different decks, with 48 portraits each.

The jokers show a monochromatic composition of the obverse and reverse of the medal received by the winners in this category. There will also be an extra card with the periodic table.



For each of the decks, three editions with different backs and cases will be printed. The Classic editions with red and blue backs and the Gold edition with gold foil on the tuck case and back.



The decks will be printed by the USPCC in Bee stock and linen finish.

In addition, as a add-on, an original flask-shaped case is offered, perfect for display the deck inside.



A commemorative golden coin with a design similar to the award will also be created.



If you like it, you can be part of it in the project website and raise your pledge. Remember that to get all the cards you must select a reward of 4 decks (in addition to being able to choose their color).

Good luck!