FORGED Playing Cards. Crafting the Viking legend

Prepare to embark on a journey into the heart of Viking legend like never before. This deck pays homage to the fierce spirit of Viking warriors, drawing inspiration from the iconic Viking Dane Axe: FORGED.

FORGED is the result of the passion and artistic talent of its creators, Chris Hage (Wondercraft) and  Jody Eklund (Black Ink Playing Cards) , who melded their love for Viking mythology. This deck is a true amalgamation of art and history, capturing the essence of Norse legends in every meticulously crafted card.

The court cards transcend mere illustrations. The kings, queens, and jacks embody the Viking ethos, each one showcasing their unique strength and character.



The aces are intricate and elaborate masterpieces. With the iconic Viking Dane Axe at their core, each one is a canvas of intricate engravings and motifs inspired by Norse mythology.



The numbered cards follow a traditional scheme but have been completely customized to provide a unique gaming experience.



The card backs feature an impressive and elaborate symmetrical composition filled with symbolism inspired by Viking mythology, connecting us to the rich heritage of the Vikings and their legacy of adventure.



This deck is offered in four editions that share the same designs but with different finishes. The Standard Edition, despite being the most basic, uses premium inks on high-quality German paper and comes in a embossed tuck case with gold foil. The Cold Foil Edition takes it a step further with cold foil stamping on both faces and card backs. The Gold Gilded Edition adds a touch of distinction with gilded edges and gold foil details on the card borders, housed in a gold foiled tuck case. Lastly, the Blue Flame Edition dazzles with blue gilding and a gold and blue foiled tuck case, available exclusively in a magnificent collector’s box. This collector’s set includes one deck from each edition, a golden collector coin, and a booklet with a brief history of the Viking Dane Axe.



The cards will be printed by WJPCC while the tuck cases will be masterfully crafted by Boschiero & Newton in Italy. The deck is widely funded and has already unlocked fantastic extras such as 3D embossing on the tuck cases. With over three weeks to go until its conclusion, there will undoubtedly be many more surprises to unveil. If you want to be part of this mythic campaign, visit the project website and raise your pledge.

Good luck!