Mana Zinfandel and Indigo decks. Magical elegance



Erik Mana is a well known professional magician and mentalist. He is also an avid cardist, playing card collector and the creator of Mana Playing Cards. He made in 2012 the Mana Oracle edition, a deck that received the blandishments of the cardistry community.



He and his brother Alvin, an award winning documentary editor and director, have launched a new set of playing cards: the Mana zinfandel and indigo editions.

This time, Erik and Alvin go to crowdfunding to create the decks and they want their backer to take active part on the whole creation process with their opinions and comments.



There is a clear influence from the original Mana Oracle cards in these new decks but Zinfandel and Indigo are colorful and have interesting curved edges in the back. The decks have been created for collectors, magicians and cardists and they will be printed with metallic inks (red and gold for zinfandel and blue and silver for indigo). There are also some hidden cryptic themes blended into the design of the back cards: the cards have a marking system undetectable to the untrained eye, but very clear for someone that knows it.



The boxes are nice and elegant. with embossed features and printings inside. Of course, there is also something magic in the box (still unrevealed).

The decks will be printed by the USPCC and they will be printed just once so the edition will be limited to the first print.

Enjoy the images of the cards and boxes and raise your pledge in the project website. You can even get the Mana Oracle deck if you missed it.

Good luck!