CARTOMANCER DUALITY Playing Cards. Life from both sides of the mirror

Alain Benoit‘s artistic talent gave birth to Cartomancer, one of the most critically acclaimed decks of 2018 thanks to a charming atmosphere and deep inspiration in human beings, psychology, art and divination. Almost four years later, the artist offers us a new, somewhat more disturbing vision of that inner world: CARTOMANCER DUALITY.

Cartomancer is much more than a set of divination cards, it is the dream of its creator to offer a different deck, with quite original designs, in which each card tells its own story but, at the same time, is part of a unique and whole idea.

In this new campaign, two decks are offered that are like the two sides of a coin.



The CLARITY deck is a slightly modified reissue of the original deck. The images in the cards are montages created with vintage woodcuts, engraving and illustrations. Each suit represents a set of concepts related to the human being and his experiences and sensations. The SHADOW deck is a dark reflection, the look from the other side of the mirror where life becomes a dream experience. The dark gray backgrounds show details in the illustrations dedicated to the world of secrets.



The deep symbolism of each illustration makes this deck a unique object that finds its inspiration in classical cartomancy, transformation cards, surrealism or old engravings. This symbolism also makes the cards transcend their use for the game, offering universal references to convert them into divination tools, for which an companion booklet is included.



An original design with the high quality guaranteed by the USPCC with its classic paper and its famous air-cushion finish. Thus, this will be a perfect deck for collectors, magicians, players and, of course, fortune tellers.

Enjoy the images and visit the project website to raise your pledge.

Good luck!