CARTOMANCER Playing Cards. A deck to foresee, to play and to enjoy

Given the increasing number of decks created lately, it is not so common to find playing cards with a very deep inspiration. However today I present you a deck inspired by the human being, psychology, art, divination and many more things: CARTOMANCER.

Cartomancer is much more than a set of divination cards, it is the dream of Alain Benoit, its creator, of offering a different deck, with original designs, in which each card tells its own story but, at the same time, is part of a unique and whole idea.



The images in the cards are montages created with vintage woodcuts, engraving and illustrations. Each suit represents a set of concepts related to the human being and his experiences and sensations.



The court cards show children as messengers of hope, mothers as the emotion representation and fathers of civilization.



The numbered cards depict life’s journey through four periods from the childhood to the late adulthood. They are really special since in addition to the montage in the illustrations they show the symbols of each suit with fingerprints that make them unique among the others. It is the way the artist has used to pay homage to all those who stain their hands of ink to create the engravings used in the designs.



Four jokers about the human unconscious and conscious complete the deck.



The tuck case and the back have been beautifully ornamented and are the icing of this nice cake.



Quality is ensured because the deck will be printed by the USPCC. Thus, this will be a perfect deck for collectors, magicians, players and, of course, fortune tellers.

Enjoy the images and visit the project website to raise your pledge.

Good luck!