BICYCLE DRAGONLORD Playing Cards. The great symbol of traditional Chinese culture

TCC is a Chinese company that has created since 2011 playing cards that have become very popular all over the world. This time, they have teamed up with a European artists well known for his strange and sometimes disturbing designs, Sam Hayles, creator among others of the Karnival series produced by BBM. From this collaboration a new and interesting deck has appeared: BICYCLE DRAGONLORD.



Dragonlord is a tribute to the traditional Chinese culture through one of its main icons: the dragon. The designs have respected the traditional pattern, with a worn style in the pips and simplified court cards with inverted colors.



The great symbol of the dragon is present in the tuck case and the ace of spades, while the back of the cards is the famous Bicycle Rider Back in black on white background.



In addition to this deck, the campaign offers the possibility to get another creation resulting from this collaboration, the Bicycle Dead Soul deck, which is already available in some retailers but can be obtained as an add-on in this project. Dead Soul is a much more customized deck, with the purest Sam style, full of white skulls and skeletons on black background.



Both decks have been printed by the USPCC and the project is almost funded.

If you like these cards, visit the project website and make it real with your pledge.



Furthermore, if you want to know more about TCC’s work, you can also visit another project made by them and that is almost finished: GRACE AND GENTLE. This campaign has been double funded already and offers a few limited decks with a more minimalist design clearly oriented to the cardistry fans. If you want to get any of them, be fast as there are just a few hours left.



Good luck!