OCULUS Playing Cards. The pointillist deck for the best flourishes

Two friends, Mike Wilson (The Doc/@thedoc318), a cardistry and magic fan and  Randy Butterfield (Midnight Card Company) a talented designed and a good friend of Max Playing Cards,  have teamed to create something new for both: OCULUS.

For Mike, a passionate of magic and cardistry who works trying to incorporate them into helping autistic persons grow in their social, motor and self-knowledge skills , this is his very first playing cards project. For Randy, Oculus is the very first deck designed with cardistry in mind. Both wanted to make a deck combining design, quality and price.



The design is striking, as it should be. Inspired by pointillism, it combines red and blue in an explosion of shapes perfect for flourishes. Without losing the playability with clear indexes and inspired by the traditional pattern, the faces have been redesigned with the same basic colors and backgrounds full of points of different sizes.



The printing will be carried out by Hanson Chien Production Co, which has specialized in cardistry decks using their classic stock, Magic finish and traditional cut.



The prices are one of the strongest points of the campaign, decreasing when adding more decks, something really good that explains the success of the campaign that almost doubles its initial goal and that was funded in 15 hours.

If you like the deck, visit the project website and raise your pledge.

Good luck!