Bicycle METAL Rider Back Playing Cards by Max. The VERY FIRST deck of the year 2015


I am really happy because this new year will make my first design arrive to hundreds of places all around the globe: The Bicycle Metal Rider Back Deck.

Many people have already received them and others will do really soon.



I have to say that working with the USPCC has been painful in many senses and I have been worried about the final product many times but after seeing the deck I have to admit I feel much better… Everything is stunning and looks great!



The coin looks fantastic too. The detail level is quite precise and the aspect is almost identical to my designs.



Finally, the metal card is the perfect complement and it has been made exactly as it was planned.



Have a look to the images. I made my own with the uncut and the tuck case prototype that you can see in the Gallery below, but my good friend Tony Ingrassia (Sparkz) made some much nicer and I have used them for this article.



After fulfilling all the rewards in Kickstarter and the orders made by dealers, there will be still some available in Collectable Playing Cards. You can buy THE DECK HERE and also the METAL card here.


Remember you can use the code maxpc to get a 11% off in your order.






And remember! It won’t be alone. METAL RIDER BACK deck by Max is the first of the TEXTURE SERIES, so you can let your imagination fly about the next ones.