19 May

Reprint of a bullfighting mexican comic deck circa 1960

I don’t talk about Spanish cards very often, not because I am not interested on them (all the contrary) or because they don’t interest to my readers (all the contrary too). The reason is that, unfortunately, there is not a fluid channel with information about Spanish cards creations.

This is an exception, because this deck has been created by a good friend, Iñaki Aguirrezabal, a Spanish playing cards lover, especially of those bull-fighting themed. He has edited other decks before, some quite popular among Spanish collecting circles.

This is a reprint of a bullfighting comic deck made in Mexico and dated around 1960.

The quality of the deck is very acceptable, a colorful deck, and just 200 hand numbered copies were printed. It is, therefore, an interesting collection item.

Find below some cards. If you need more information contact me or leave a comment under this post.



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