Pagan playing cards by Uusi. When the Nature was the human’s religion


I have to admit that Uusi is my weakness. Not only because it is a great team and friendly people who always have a minute to talk to me about their work, but because everything that comes out of your hands becomes a piece of art, and when that art becomes a deck of cards, I can only surrender to their talent.

After enjoying Blue BloodBohemia and Royal Optik., Linnea and Peter bring us their fourth deck (of a series of six) called PAGAN.



Pagan, the name of this deck, is one of those words full of meanings, with a complex etymology and a rich history. The idea for this deck begun with an inspiration from the Nature, the forests and lakes (specifically the forests and lakes of Northern Wisconsin and Michigan’s Upper Peninsula). That idea and the feeling of wilderness led Uusi to the Pagan era, where the religious belief and the contact with the mother Nature were deeply linked. So Pagan deck represents the symbiosis between human and Nature in a set of cards beautifully oil-painted.



You can find allegories of man’s relationship with nature in the entire deck, and one of the most interesting is the Ace of Spades, where a felled tree refuses to die under the idea of ??”bowed but not broken“.

Uusi was also the first to create a diptych in their decks, and in this case both cards together represent a legendary eight legged horse called Sleipnir, the favorite steed of the Norse god, Odin.



Uusi have designed two different borderless backs for Pagan, so two decks will be printed by the USPCC: one limited to 5,000 units edition in dark brown color and one unlimited in light cream color.



The tuck boxes are nice and simple, based on the card backs, and printed in heavy premium paper with an embossed design.



Go to the project page and raise your pledge to get these great decks.

Good luck!