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11 May

BRuT by Uusi. A Modernist Tarot and Poker Cards Deck

  It’s almost impossible not to know Uusi by now, as it is, without doubt, one of most prolific and successful artistic teams in recent years. After completing their series of SIX limited edition decks, they have released something exciting and new: BRuT Tarot and deck. With a modernist design combining simple shapes and colors but with a stunning visual impact, these gouache painted drawings presents the geometric shapes and the energetic simplicity of the pictorial and architectural Art Brut or Outsider Art…

02 November

Uusi Classic. The sixth deck of the series inspired by the Renaissance era

  No need to explain, at this point, what (or who) Uusi is, but just in case you have been lost in the outer space for several years I will say Uusi (Peter Dunham and Linnea Gits) has given us one of the nicest series of playing cards in recent times. They have just released the sixth (and last) deck of the series: Uusi Classic. Max Playing Cards has been since their first foray into card designing with this couple that are great…

26 April

Hotcakes by Uusi. Elegance and cheek in pastel tones

  Some days ago, I had the opportunity of making a cool retrospective about Uusi, their art and their decks. I also announced the imminent launch of their fifth deck. Well, it is here, and it is amazing: HotCakes. The design of this deck is awesome, the style has nothing to do with their previous and fantastic decks, and that’s the spirit of this series of six deck. Each one has its own story, its own design, its own technique….

18 April

An intimate look at Uusi and their lives before and after designing playing cards

  As a friend of Max Playing Cards, you know that as a collector, I feel passion for playing cards design and I like to know everything about the creation of new decks, the inspiration and the human beings behind them. I am pleased to have met great artists and great people, and I can even presume to consider myself a good friend of some of them, because their generosity and passion for a well done job has made me…

28 November

Pagan playing cards by Uusi. When the Nature was the human’s religion

  I have to admit that Uusi is my weakness. Not only because it is a great team and friendly people who always have a minute to talk to me about their work, but because everything that comes out of your hands becomes a piece of art, and when that art becomes a deck of cards, I can only surrender to their talent. After enjoying Blue Blood, Bohemia and Royal Optik., Linnea and Peter bring us their fourth deck (of a…

19 August

Blue Blood Redux deck. A beautiful re-edition, more blue and more bloody

  I cannot hide my love for Uusi decks. Since the very first one of their six deck series, Peter and Linnea have radiated a deep sensibility and talent on every card. Their first deck, Blue Blood, is displayed in the shelves of collectors all around the globe and many people didn’t have the opportunity of getting one. For that reason, Uusi artists have decided to give it a second chance with a new version of the deck: Blue Blood Redux….

12 June

Royal Optik by Uusi. New red deck. Just a few days left

The fantastic Uusi project, Royal Optik, is almost finishing. Funded in a record time, this deck will be printed soon. Furthermore, as they promised, there will be also a red version of this stunning deck. Let me show it and also the full set of court cards. Don’t miss this opportunity as it can be the last one to get these fantastic limited decks. Do and pledge for it in the project website. Good luck!  

16 May

Royal Optik. The new piece of art from Uusi

  As I told you some weeks ago, Uusi has prepared their new piece of art: Royal Optik. No need to say it will be a stunning deck, like Peter and Linnea’s previous creations: Blue Blood and Bohemia. Uusi’s inspiration for this deck came from their love of wood cut prints and a curiosity they have in geometric, eye-bending Op Art imagery. Both use negative space to create volume and movement but differ greatly in how they express it. They…

05 April

Received the Bohemia deck(s). Sublime! Uusi announces their upcoming release

  After a few weeks knocked out (I am beginning to be too old) I have come back to life (slowly) and found waiting for me at home a few surprises that I will share with my friendly readers. I will post in the coming days some articles about decks that I received with my own photos. The image quality is not great (I have a lot to learn about photography), but I have done with love and thanks to…

28 September

Interview to Uusi and release of Bohemia, their new and amazing deck

They surprised us with a stunning design on the Kickstarter campaign for The Blue Blood Deck and now they plan to surprise again with a new amazing deck: Bohemia. I have had the chance to talk with one of the kindest people dedicated (among other things) to playing cards design. They are Peter Dunham and Linnea Gits, the two parts of the whole thing: Uusi, a talented couple of designers with a lot of things to show and a long…