Uusi Classic. The sixth deck of the series inspired by the Renaissance era


No need to explain, at this point, what (or who) Uusi is, but just in case you have been lost in the outer space for several years I will say Uusi (Peter Dunham and Linnea Gits) has given us one of the nicest series of playing cards in recent times. They have just released the sixth (and last) deck of the series: Uusi Classic.

Max Playing Cards has been since their first foray into card designing with this couple that are great from both the artistic and the human point of view.

This deck closes a series formed by its five predecessors: Blue Blood, Bohemia, Royal Optik, Pagan, and Hot Cakes. Each one has been designed using a different style, but all of them share the spirit of their creators, Peter and Linnea, to recover the traditional design process and carry it to the modernized world that the contemporary playing cards design has become to.



Uusi Classic is a completely hand-drawn deck inspired by the Renaissance era with an elegant and harmonious design. The creators have reinterpreted the classic playing cards style to give us a piece of their artist soul completely different from what we have seen before made by them.

The deck will be printed by the USPCC in two different editions: one unlimited with a blue back and one limited to 3,500 decks with the red back. The decks will have a nice two illustrated Uusi Design ad cards that form a diptych and the final product will be, for sure, a fantastic addition to any collection.

The project was widely funded ($30k) in just a few hours so the success is already a reality. If you want to get them, visit the project website and raise your pledge.

Good luck!