Creepy Deck by Collectable Playing Cards. The definitive campaign


After two unsuccesfull tries where the deck wasn’t able to get the funding, Mike Guistolise, from Collectable playing cards, has decided to buy the rights for the Creepy deck.

In just a couple days the deck is almost funded so it will be for sure another success of this new playing cards company that have already printed 5 designs (with different deck versions) under its own seal: Emotions, Oblivion, Haunted, Pharaoh and Gods Of Mythology.

The creepy deck will be printed in two editions, one Bicycle branded and one unbranded and limited to 1,000 copies. The deck shown an stunning hand drawn art of awful monsters in black and bloody red.

You can’t miss it. Enjoy the gallery and raise your pledge in the project website.

Good luck!