BICYCLE RUNIC ROYALTY DARK Playing Cards. The second Edition in black of a nice fantasy deck

Earlier this year, Canadian artist Keith Glover was able to fund his Runic Royalty Light deck working with Now, teamed again with Will Roya, he has just released the new edition of the deck: BICYCLE RUNIC ROYALTY DARK.

In the illustrations, the artist combines the magical inspiration of the runes and their strange symbols with his own interpretation of the traditional deck. Thus, cards keep a design that is familiar and, at the same time, completely customized , suitable for card games, collection or even card magic tricks.

Like in the original white version, pips and indexes are clear and clean, this time with a black background overprinted in white and red.



The court cards depict interesting characters like taken out from a a fantasy story: warriors, kings, princesses, magicians … but with a very peculiar aesthetic that reveals their personality.



A back full of symbols, two jokers and a gaff card complete this deck that will be printed by the USPCC in a limited edition based on the contributions to the project (with a minimum of 1000 printed units).



If you like it, visit the project website and raise your pledge. Also take advantage to get at an interesting price the original deck in some limited levels.

Good luck!